Scared Of High Energy And Gas Bills? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Oct 15, 2019

Here are Some Amazing Tips to Help You Save

Fall 2019 is officially upon us. Shorter days, longer sleeves, and the desire to lie in bed just a few minutes later in the morning mean it’s also time to prepare ourselves for the shock of that first winter heating bill. Energy prices have skyrocketed over the last few years, but along with the increase in prices we’ve also seen a promising trend of communities becoming more environmentally conscious and aware of the need to preserve our natural resources. This means good things to come for our world and our wallets.


If you are interested in saving money and taking steps to help improve the planet, we here at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling have some tips to share with you that will help you do both. Take some notes and then put some (or all) of these ideas into practice and you’ll no longer find yourself becoming belligerent towards the mailman when he delivers your utility bill:

One of the simplest and most often overlooked ways of maintaining your HVAC systems performance is by changing the air filter on a regular basis. It’s especially important to do this during the months that your system gets the most use. Since it isn’t something that’s done consistently all year long, it can be easy to forget. It’s a good idea to mark your calendar on the same day a few months in a row in order to help you remember. Keeping the air filters clean is important not only to maintain the quality of air circulating throughout your home but also because a clogged air filter restricts airflow and can cause your HVAC system to become overworked. When this happens, the motor can become overheated and stop working completely. This can require repair, parts replacement, or even an entirely new HVAC system. Changing the filters regularly helps your system to work smoothly and efficiently, saving energy and money.

Prior to turning your system on for the first time in the cold weather months, contact a reputable heating and cooling company to schedule a full inspection of your HVAC system. A trained professional can look over your entire system and diagnose any problems or potential problems. Addressing these issues early can save you money during peak seasonal months when HVAC services may be in high demand due to extreme weather conditions. It is also recommended that you have your system professionally cleaned at the same time the inspection is conducted. Preventive maintenance is always a good idea.

The Environmental Protection Agency teamed up with the United States government in 1991 to develop a comprehensive, environmentally friendly list of criteria outlining information on creating energy-efficient homes and businesses. Appliances and equipment such as central air conditioning units, furnaces, automatic thermostats, fans, and more now carry the Energy Star label. This label identifies products that use significantly less energy, cutting back on waste and cutting down on utility spending. Approximately 1/2 of the average home’s energy is used to power the heating and cooling system. Energy Star HVAC systems and supplies can drastically reduce the amount of energy used as well as the amount of money spent on utilities.

Check each room in your home to make certain the advance that all air ducts are clear an uncovered. If they are blocked by furniture, carpeting, or window treatments, the airflow to the room is restricted and can cause your HVAC system to have to work harder. This results in greater energy use, and that translates into higher utility bills.

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat installed in your home, you will want to invest in one right away. These little gems do all the work for you. They adjust the temperature settings in your home automatically, whether you are home or not. They work day and night without the need for you to constantly reset your thermostat manually. The average home with a programmable thermostat saves an average of $100 per year on energy costs. That’s pretty impressive for a gadget that you just set and forget.

By far, the biggest culprits when it comes to winter weather affecting your heating bill Are outdated, drafty windows and doors. You don’t have to go to the trouble of having new windows installed in your home – although, in the long run, they would be a good investment. In the meantime, hardware stores and most department stores sell window weatherproofing kits. These kits contain transparent plastic sheeting and sturdy cardboard strips or adhesive to cover windows and unused outside doors in order to keep out icy blasts of air that can cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Insulated window treatments are also helpful in keeping out cold air in the winter as well as blocking out sunlight in the warmer months that can cause your cooling system to work overtime, resulting in greater energy use and higher bills.


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