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For extra clean air quality that’s even sterile, UV Lights make for great add-on products or air quality improvement products. Germicidal UV Lamps work in conjunction with your HVAC system to make your home a far healthier place. With the use of ultraviolet light radiation, these IAQ products sanitize your air supply, killing microscopic organisms circulating in your air that would otherwise continue recycling. This includes a lot of nasty and toxic stuff such as bacteria, mold, viruses, microbes, pathogens, mildew and much more. When UV light applications are properly installed in a home comfort system by one of our air quality control specialists, the ultraviolet light radiation neutralizes airborne microbes and bio contaminants in your air duct system, which is great if you have issues with mold.

These compounds can be hard on your HVAC equipment because they make it work harder than necessary. UV lights also help improve indoor airflow and curb HVAC maintenance costs while improving your heating and/or cooling efficiency. Ultra Violet Lights also reduce allergens in the home and help reduce illnesses.

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What Is A Residential UV Light System?

Ultraviolet light systems are indoor air quality products that are often installed as add-on products during initial HVAC installations. They work in conjunction with your home heating or cooling unit. Whether you buy them as a discounted add on when installing a new HVAC unit or purchase them to be installed into pre-existing equipment, UV Lights benefit your home heating and air conditioning equipment tremendously in addition to your home’s air quality.

With a wide selection of top brand products from companies like Freshair, Aprilaire and Reme HALO, we at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling are proud to sell and install all the best UV Lights on the market. We offer the most affordable prices for these highly effective products, which offer protection from a wide range of harmful airborne particles. Homeowners who are vulnerable to allergens and other organic particles benefit tremendously from upgrading to a UV light upgrade every time. These air quality improvement products are useful because they kill all types of microscopic organisms when they travel through the light’s radiation to clean out the air supply.

They eliminate unpleasant odors. If you are thinking of installing a UV Light application in your home in Canal Winchester or Greater Columbus and surrounding areas, call your local UV Light experts at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling today. We are more than happy to get the ball rolling and get the process started right away! 

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UV Lights

Blue Tube Germicidal UV Light System Installation

If you’re looking to upgrade the air quality in your Greater Columbus Ohio area home, UV light installation is an extremely effective way to target and kill mildew, mold, viruses, bacteria, germs and much more. We at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling offer the absolute best prices on germicidal lights or UV lamps with the most professional UV light installation services in Central Ohio.

We at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling are proud to serve as Central Ohio’s top-rated, trusted source for all types of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality needs. If you’re thinking about tapping into the power of ultraviolet light to improve your indoor air quality tremendously while at the same time protecting your HVAC equipment, you should check out our special offer for Blue Tube Germicidal UV Lights below. Working in conjunction with your HVAC system, UV Lamps make a major difference and help you improve your overall residential air quality to make it sanitary and sterile.


Buy Today, Pay Over Time with HVAC Financing

Your local heating, air conditioning and air care experts here at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling have longstanding relationships with a wide range of local lenders and respected financial institutions. We partner with the best banks to help you through the process and make it quick and easy. Our job is to help you maintain superior home comfort all year long throughout the coldest and hottest Ohio weather. Your job is to enjoy your home with the best comfort now and make manageable monthly payments to pay off your new HVAC equipment over time. We understand how sometimes home comfort can’t wait here in Central Ohio. Our furnace financing, A/C financing, and heat pump financing options are second to none.

HVAC Financing

Benefits Of UV Lights

Although they were originally only applicable to places requiring extremely sterile environments, such as labs and hospitals, we at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling offer affordable residential UV Lights that are very affordable and helpful at the best prices. The following includes the top three benefits of UV light installation:


Optimal Airflow

Whenever it comes to any type of home heating or air conditioning system, airflow is extremely essential. Ever since the 90s, Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been used successfully in heating and cooling systems. The impact this light radiation offers is extremely beneficial without exception. Our powerful UV lights improve your indoor air quality by killing bacteria, germs and pathogens. These lamps also eliminate excess moisture and keep air ducts clean. This helps to improve airflow, which has its own benefits.
Air Filter

Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Germicidal UV lights improve your indoor air quality by killing things floating around in the air that could make you sick or cause your sinus passages to flare up. This stuff shouldn’t be allowed to circulate within your indoor air supply. Using ultraviolet radiation, these air purifiers kill off all sorts of pollutants originating inside air-handlers and fiberglass insulation in addition to airborne fungi that can include mold. Additionally, UV lights also kill off drug-resistant bacteria that are harmful by 97%.
Higher Costs

They Are Cost-Effective Investments

Working in conjunction with your residential HVAC system, UV Lights keep your HVAC equipment clean at a low cost because they are very cost-effective. If you’re thinking about having a UV Light installed in your Central Ohio area home, we can help. We can inspect your residence to make sure you would benefit from a UV Light application. We can come over and discuss several things you need to consider before installing UV lighting. This product’s success depends on the power, number and placement of the germicidal lamps. You need a professional to install them to enjoy these benefits.

Kills Mildew & Mold

A lot of homeowners are surprised when they learn how prevalent fungal contamination (such as mold) is around their heating and cooling equipment and inside air ducts. Experts say any amount of mold and mildew is dangerous in a residential dwelling. If mold is present, you cannot afford to neglect or ignore it. Fungal contamination can spread infectious disease and other microscopic organisms that cause health issues and other breathing-related conditions for people who struggle with asthma and other types of pre-existing conditions.


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