Common Furnace Myths

Jan 7, 2022 | Canal, Canal Winchester, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Winter

When it comes to keeping up with your heating equipment, numerous resources are available to help you do just that. Yet, with so many options, you have to decipher what is real and what is fake news for your furnace. Fortunately, the professional technicians at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling got your back! Today, we will be addressing myths and misconceptions about furnaces and what you should do instead for higher efficiency and better maintenance.

Myth #1: Shutting Air Vents Can Potentially Save Me Money on Utility Bills

Closing vents within your home not only raises your utility bills but can also cause unwanted stress and pressure on your heating equipment. This pressure that builds up when your vents are not open can lead to leaks in your furnace. Our experts suggest keeping all of your airways open and adjusting the temperature as you see fits for your home.

Myth #2: When Leaving My Home, I Can Save on Energy by Shutting Off My Heating Equipment

Many folks have heard conflicting advice on whether to shut off their furnace when they leave their home or not. Well, the experts are here to set the record straight, and the answer is no. You should NOT shut off your furnace while you’re away. Shutting off your furnace when you leave your home can cause your home to cool down dramatically. So, by the time you arrive home, you will need to turn the furnace on to a higher temperature than necessary to get your home back to the right temperature. Doing this can put a lot of stress on your equipment and cause issues or damages. In addition, your equipment takes more energy to reheat your home than just leaving your furnace turned on. Our expert technicians at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling suggest adjusting your thermostat five to six degrees lower while you’re away. Hence, it takes less energy to heat your home when you return from a busy day.

Myth 3#: I Should Wait To Invest in a New Furnace Until the Last Minute

Running your older heating equipment could be costing you and your home money. Your older furnace essentially takes more energy to run and costs more money on utilities and repairs. Investing in newer equipment is guaranteed to save you on energy, utility costs, and repairs. Most folks can even recoup the amount that their furnace costs quickly because of how much they save with buying a new, modern furnace. 

Having an expert’s opinion makes a huge difference for your HVAC equipment. For more tips and advice about your heating system, give us a call at Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling today at (614) 524-4737, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!