Jan 1, 2023 | Canal Winchester, Blown Out, Burner, Flame, Furnace, Gone Out, HVAC, Ohio, Pilot, Pilot Light, Relight

Lighting a furnace pilot light can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! All you need is proper instructions and a little bit of elbow grease. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because your furnace’s pilot light has been extinguished. Although this occurrence is pretty typical, it can be really annoying- especially when you first realize that there’s no heat coming out of your vents! If this happens and your HVAC system is blowing cool air instead of the warm air that you need, chances are that a blown-out pilot light is the issue. This usually happens when a draft passes through, extinguishing the pilot light in the process. 

The pilot light and burner in your furnace are used to start the heating process. Although pilot lights were once standard for most gas furnaces, more recent models don’t require them. Nonetheless, if you need instructions on how to relight your pilot light, keep reading these tips from Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling


Step One: Most furnaces will have instructions straight from the manufacturer designed for your specific model on the side of the unit. However, if you can’t locate or read them easily, continue reading for some general directions below. 

Step Two: Next, make sure you have a long lighter to reach your pilot light. So, before starting, it would be helpful to check that the lighter in your hand is long enough to reach the pilot light. 

Step Three: Now, find and remove the burner cover if your furnace has one. The burner cover is the metal faceplate that protects the pilot light opening. Once you’ve removed it, you’ll be able to see and access the pilot light properly.   

Step Four: Be sure to turn off the gas supply before proceeding. 

Step Five: Now. you should turn your furnace off. This can be accomplished by turning the switch, usually located at the base of the furnace, to “off.”  

Step Six: The next step is to find the pilot light assembly. It’s usually a small knob that you turn, and it should be labeled with three settings: “pilot,” “reset,” and “on/off.” Wording can vary depending on your furnace model.  

Please wait five minutes after turning off your furnace before continuing to the next step. This is important because the gas needs time to disperse, and skipping this part could be dangerous or result in damage to your home. 

Step Seven: Follow these steps to relight your pilot light:  

1. Turn the knob to the “pilot” setting after five minutes have passed. This will allow gas to flow back into the pilot light area.  

2. Press and hold down the “reset” button while keeping an eye on the opening of the pilot light, then slowly approach with your ignited lighter in hand (keep your hand away from the area as much as possible).  

3. This ignited lighter should spark the flame, and the pilot light should stay on. When you see this occur, release the “reset” button at this point. If all goes well, your pilot light should stay lit! 

Step Eight: After you relight the pilot light and release the “reset” button, wait for your furnace to heat up again. Watch for a few minutes to make sure the pilot light stays lit. You should notice warm air coming from your vents after some time has passed. 

Step Nine: Last but not least, make sure to turn the gas supply back on and put the burner cover back in its original place! 

Congratulations! You have successfully lit your furnace pilot light. Now sit back and enjoy the warmth of your furnace. At Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling, we want you to know that we are always here for you. If you don’t feel confident trying to relight the pilot light on your own or you have other HVAC-related worries, no matter what your concern is, we will be there for you. You can contact us at (614) 524-4737 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!