Did you know that October is recognized as National Fire Prevention Month? It originated as a week-long commemoration of The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 but has now expanded to cover the entire month. Shockingly, approximately 358,500 house fires occur each year. However, the majority of these incidents can be prevented if homeowners take simple preventative measures and practice proper maintenance. Join us, the Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling family, as we aim to raise awareness about fire safety  

The Common HVAC Fire Hazards:  

First off, it is crucial to comprehend that your HVAC system is not inherently hazardous. However, as with any aspect of life, improper practices and negligence can have detrimental consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to have knowledge of the common fire hazards associated with HVAC systems.  

  • Electrical Issues: One of the most prevalent causes of HVAC-related fires is electrical issues. Often, when purchasing a home, the complete history of an HVAC unit may not be readily available. As time goes by, these units age, deteriorate, or become outdated, leading to electrical problems stemming from old wiring and circuits. Emphasizing the importance of knowing the condition of your HVAC units, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible if you cannot recall the last time your units were serviced. Regular maintenance is crucial in preventing hazardous situations.  
  • Clutter Around Units: The presence of clutter in the vicinity may be a significant possibility, depending on the location of your units. Certain HVAC units are installed in garages or basements, often leading homeowners to utilize these spaces for storage, thereby obstructing the units with stacked boxes, paint cans, chemicals, household cleaning solutions, or other items. It is important to note that maintaining a clear area around each unit and allowing proper airflow is crucial, regardless of whether your HVAC units are stored in designated closets or any other location within your home.  
  • Poor Installation: One of the primary causes of HVAC-related fires is improper installation. The installation of an HVAC unit involves numerous crucial details. Furthermore, if not regularly serviced, poorly installed units can remain undetected for years. Hence, it is crucial to collaborate with a licensed HVAC company that employs certified technicians for installations and ensures regular maintenance checks are scheduled.  

Fire Prevention Tips from Your Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling Professionals:  

  • Develop an evacuation strategy and ensure all family members, including young children, are familiar with it. It is advisable to designate a well-known location outside the house, at a safe distance, where everyone can gather in the event of a fire.  
  • To prioritize safety, it is advisable to utilize a Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Detector in your residence. These hybrid alarms are capable of detecting carbon monoxide as well as natural gases like methane and propane.  
  • To ensure the safety of your home, it is highly recommended to install smoke detectors on every level, including the basement. Additionally, placing a smoke detector outside each sleeping area, such as in the hallway, is strongly advised. If possible, an interconnected smoke alarm system is an excellent choice as it allows all alarms to sound off simultaneously, providing you with ample time to respond appropriately. 
  • It is important to prioritize regular testing of your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors and ensure prompt replacement of batteries. A recommended practice is to change the batteries annually for added safety. 
  • Smoke alarms have a limited lifespan. It is crucial to verify the manufacturing date located on the back of the smoke alarm and replace it ten years after that date.  
  • Ensure that a fire extinguisher is available on each level of your home, ideally located in a conveniently accessible common area. 
  • According to experts, it is recommended to keep all bedroom doors closed during the night. This precautionary measure can effectively slow down the spread of fire and has proven to be lifesaving. 

Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling places great importance on your family’s safety. We highly recommend staying up to date with your annual maintenance as the most effective way to ensure your HVAC system meets current standards and operates smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive Whole Home Protection Plan, designed to keep your home and HVAC system in optimal condition. Rest assured; we’ve got you covered!  

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