Make Your She-Shed Winterproof

Nov 21, 2019

With she-sheds growing in popularity, you can be sure that they are going to be “the” spot this winter. Just imagine a cozy, warm little nook all your own where you can escape and relax with coffee and a good book or your laptop and your favorite online movie site. Before brutal weather arrives, check off these necessities for a fully winterized she-shed:


Protect Your She-Shed from Window Drafts 

You already know that drafty windows in your home can be a problem when it comes to cold air finding its way in and heat being lost. The same is true for the windows in your she-shed. To protect against drafts, insulate your she-shed’s windows just as you do the ones inside your home. Choose a good quality spray foam insulation to use all along the edges of windowsills. You can also purchase window-proofing kits to protect against the cold weather at your local hardware or department store. These kits use clear plastic sheeting held in place by thin cardboard strips that are nailed to the edges of the windowsill. Some kits feature plastic sheeting within adhesive that is activated by your blow dryer and acts as a sort of shrink wrap on your windows. Once you have weatherproofed your windows with either spray foam insulation, plastic sheeting, or both, you can make your windows more beautiful and add a layer of additional protection with window treatments. Adorning your windows with stylish curtains, panels, blinds, or shades not only makes your space homier and inviting, window treatments also help protect further against cold weather affecting your she-shed. 


Insulate Your She-Shed’s Floors to Preserve Warm Air 

Floors are a major source of heat loss, particularly if they are concrete or bare wood. Drafts don’t necessarily make their way in through your floor, but a cold floor can transfer temperature to the warm air around it, affecting the temperature very quickly. You will want to put down carpeting in your she-shed to prevent the cold floor from stealing your heat. 

Place a sheet of thick, sturdy plastic on your floor. This plastic sheeting should be cut to cover your entire floor to within a few inches of the walls. On top of the plastic sheeting, place a layer of inexpensive wool or cotton cloth cut to the same size. By leaving these pieces a few inches away from the wall, you are leaving room to secure your final layer of carpeting. On top of the cloth, place a layer of inexpensive carpeting. Don’t go out of your way to choose anything fancy as this carpet will not show. Again, you want to make sure that this layer is cut to the same size as the previous two layers. 

When all of these layers are in place, it will be time to lay down your choice of stylish carpeting for your she-shed. This is the one that will be seen, and it will need to be cut to cover your floor completely. Your carpeting will not be nailed down; it will be held in place along the perimeter of your room by heavy-duty Velcro. This will make it possible to pull back the carpeting should the need arise, such as in the event of a leak. It will also make it easy for you to change the carpeting in your she-shed if you decide you want to redecorate. 


Use Door Draft Stoppers 

Don’t forget to properly insulate against any drafts that may find their way in underneath your she-shed’s door. Door draft stoppers are perfect for this. They will keep out even the smallest amount of cold air and prevent the warm air inside from being lost. If your she-shed has sliding glass doors, don’t forget to place a door draft stopper along the bottom of the track to insulate this area as well. 


Have Your She-Shed’s Walls and Ceiling Insulated 

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, it is important to have the walls and ceiling of your she-shed adequately insulated before winter arrives. Adequate insulation will protect your she-shed against inclement weather and keep the heat inside where you want it to be. Along with protecting your windows, insulating your floors, and stopping drafts at their source, having your she-shed’s ceiling and walls insulated will ensure that you have the perfect hideaway when the weather turns blustery and cold. 


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