Space Heater Safety Tips

Dec 13, 2019

One of the best ways to add a bit of extra warmth to your home throughout the cold weather months is by using space heaters. There are usually a few areas in any home that require just a bit of additional heat, such as the basement, attic, garage, or rooms that aren’t used on a regular basis. These are the perfect areas for space heaters to do what they do best, and while they are convenient and easy to use, there are safety guidelines that must be adhered to in order to ensure that they will perform properly and safely: 


Always Read the Instruction Manual 

Space heater use may seem pretty simple and self-explanatory. Still, it is important to read over the instructions and information that is included with them in order to understand how your space heater works and the do’s and don’ts of its use. While it is true that they are simple to use and convenient, you still want to be aware of all operation and safety procedures involved with using them safely. 

Inspect Space Heaters for Signs of Damage 

Inspect your space heaters both when you take them out for use at the beginning of cold weather season and as you are cleaning them and putting them away at the end of the season. Don’t write off what seems to be a small, insignificant amount of damage or something that appears to simply be cosmetic. It could, in fact, be something that could cause a serious issue later on when the space heater is put into use again. If you notice any damage, don’t second guess it-have a professional look it over or simply replace the space heater altogether. 

Use Space Heaters Only in Clear, Safe Locations 

Do not operate a space heater in a congested or closed-off area. A space heater should have at least three feet of open space on each side of it. They are designed to remain cool on the outside and to turn off immediately should they become overheated or get knocked over. However, a space heater is still a heating device, and it requires clear, clean, open space around it to operate safely and effectively. 

Store Space Heaters Away When Not in Use 

It can be tempting to leave space heaters sitting out even when they’re not in use since they are compact and don’t take up very much room. However, this is not a good idea. The longer you are space heaters are left out, the greater the chance of some type of damage occurring to them. They will also become unnecessarily dirty as they sit and collect dust and debris from the air. Choose a convenient location near where your space heaters will be used, place them in their boxes, and store them away nearby when they are not being used. 

Never Use Power Strips / Extension Cords with Space Heaters 

Never plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip of any kind. These devices are not designed to provide the type of current flow that space heaters require. Using them can result in a fire as the cords become overheated quickly. Always plug space heaters directly into an appropriate wall outlet. 

Check the Walls Near Space Heater Outlets for Heat 

Touch the wall next to the outlet where your space heater is plugged in, as well as the outlet itself. If the area feels warm or hot to the touch, immediately shut off the space heater, unplug it, and contact an electrician. The hot wall could be an indication that there is a serious electrical issue within your home. Don’t use the outlet at all until a professional has checked it out and says that it is safe to use. 

Watch Your Space Heaters While They Are in Use 

Space heaters are designed to be safe to use; however, accidents do happen, so it is very necessary that you check on them from time to time whenever they are in use. Because they are so easy to use and convenient, it’s tempting just to turn them on and forget about them, but taking a moment to check on them and make sure all is well is always a good idea. 

Keep Smoke Detectors in Good Working Order 

This is naturally something you will want to do all the time, but especially when space heaters are in use in your home. The smoke detectors give you an added layer of security in the event that an unforeseen accident may occur. 

Using space heaters is a great way to add some additional warmth and comfort to your home on the weather turns cold. Keep in mind, however, that they are not designed to be your home’s primary source of heat as they do not produce high levels of heat. If your home isn’t as warm as it should be, this could indicate that there is an issue with your furnace. 


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