Winter HVAC Maintenance Guide

Jan 21, 2020

Winter weather has arrived, and it means business. Now is not the time to have to deal with furnace problems. Refer to our winter HVAC maintenance guide so that you will know how to keep your furnace in perfect working order all season long:


1. Modernize your thermostat

Treat your HVAC system and your entire home to an upgraded programmable thermostat. These modern devices are more effective and efficient than the older models. Your thermostat’s settings can be changed from anywhere via a free app that is downloaded to your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other device so that even when you’re away from home, you can adjust the temperature in your home. Turn the thermostat down when no one is home or at night when everyone is in bed. Turn it up when it is time for everyone to arrive home or when they are waking up to get ready for the day. You will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home at all times, and you will save money on your energy bills.

2. Don’t forget the outdoor part of your HVAC system 

Sometimes we forget that a very important component of our HVAC system is located outside of our home. It usually only gets our attention if something goes wrong, and it needs to be repaired. It’s extremely important that you take steps to protect this part of your HVAC system just as you do the inside part. Since it is outdoors and exposed to all kinds of extreme weather, it needs some special attention to avoid damage. You can find sturdy, weatherproof outdoor A/C covers at most hardware and home improvement stores. They will protect your outdoor HVAC unit from rain, snow, ice, etc., and keep out dirt and debris.

3. Have the insulation levels and condition in your home checked

Having adequate insulation in your attic is essential to the effectiveness of your HVAC system in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you’re not sure if there is a sufficient amount of insulation in your attic or if it needs to be replaced, call Canal Winchester Heating & Cooling at (614) 524-4737 and we will send one of our fully-trained HVAC technicians to your home to assess the situation and advise you on the steps you need to take. Having the correct amount of insulation in your home means money saved for you and comfort for your family members and anyone who visits your home.

4. Keep a clean air filter in your furnace

Before nasty weather arrives, make sure your furnace is ready for action by making sure the air filter is new and clean. You could skip this step if you changed the air filter at the end of the last season when your furnace was being used frequently. Even so, it is still important to be sure the air filter is clean. If there is any amount of dirt trapped in it, discard it and put in a new one. Air filters are inexpensive, and they generally last throughout the winter season with replacement usually only needed once. It is still necessary to check it at least once a month while your furnace is in use and replace it whenever it gets dirty. This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to take care of your furnace and keep it in good working order. If the filter gets clogged, it will become impossible for air to flow through it. Your furnace will get overworked and most likely overheated as it attempts to force air through the dirty filter. This can cause serious damage to your HVAC system. Such a tiny bit of DIY maintenance can make a great deal of difference. 

5. Have a once-yearly professional HVAC inspection and cleaning

Before winter unleashes her worst, be sure to have an annual inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system by one of our expert technicians. An inspection will turn up any existing problems and anything that could become a bigger problem if left undetected. Repairs will then be made right away. A comprehensive professional cleaning clears all HVAC airways and ductwork. Debris that has accumulated inside of the system during the warmer months when your furnace wasn’t being used will cause an unpleasant burning smell when your furnace is first used for the cold-weather season. A thorough professional cleaning will eliminate the burning odor. 


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